What’s the Best Mosquito Killer? Mosquito Trap?

Learn how to keep mosquitoes away with these handy suggestions to repel mosquitoes before they attack.

The Mosquito kills more humans than any other creature on earth. Mosquito control is essential if you live in an area that is prone to breeding mosquitoes in high numbers.

We recommend using a variety of products to help control the mosquito population. In this article we’ve outlined what we feel are the best mosquito killers on the market. Now it’s up to you to decide how you want to combat this growing problem of mosquitoes. Hopefully, someday scientists find a way to eradicate mosquitoes from planet earth.

27 What’s the Best Mosquito Killer? Mosquito Trap?

Humans have been taking aim at mosquitoes since 1897, when Sir Ronald Ross identified a tropical species as the vector for deadly malaria. Now, the mosquito’s role in spreading West Nile virus — not to mention its itchy bites — has humans in North America up in arms. Human infections have been documented in 39 states and the District of Columbia, and the virus still is on the move.

28 What’s the Best Mosquito Killer? Mosquito Trap?

It’s time to get to know your local mosquitoes and lay some defensive plans about how to keep mosquitoes away. Since the appearance of West Nile in 1999 in North America, an explosion of new mosquito-control devices and plant-based mosquito repellents has been underway. It’s also quite possible that you can outsmart mosquitoes on your own with some of the homemade, Earth-friendly solutions outlined here.

West Nile is one of about 30 arboviruses of public health concern that are transmitted by female mosquitoes, which are the only ones that bite. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention says West Nile previously was found in Africa, Eastern Europe, West Asia and the Middle East, but now is permanently established in North America. The disease is carried by 110 species of birds and transmitted by 30 species of mosquitoes.

In humans, although infections to date are considered rare, West Nile can cause a fever with mild flu-like symptoms, including body aches, low energy and headache. In extreme cases (about one in 150 people infected), West Nile meningitis (inflammation of the membrane around the brain and spinal cord) or West Nile encephalitis (brain inflammation), which comes with a severe headache, fever, stiff neck and other serious complications, can bring death. No specific treatment is known.

According to the latest CDC data (2002), 4,158 confirmed cases and 284 deaths have been recorded in the United States. Hot spots are Illinois, with 884 cases and 64 deaths; Michigan, with 614 cases and 51 deaths; and Ohio, with 441 cases and 31 deaths. (West Nile virus map: Yellow indicates verified Avian, Animal and mosquito infection during 2002; no humans; brown indicates human case(s). See the West Nile virus map in the image gallery).

A single bite from an infected mosquito can transmit the disease to a human, horse or

bird. A fairly reliable vaccination is available for horses; given in two doses, it provides protection after about two months. For humans and pet birds, minimizing exposure to mosquitoes is the most effective way to avoid potential infection.

Keeping yourself protected is very important. Sometimes, we tend to forget that prevention is better than cure. Mosquitoes have also been a nuisance to mankind but today they are getting to be more and more dangerous. It’s time to take steps to protect yourself from their deadly bite.

29 What’s the Best Mosquito Killer? Mosquito Trap?

With diseases like Malaria, Dengue and even Zika swarming in the vicinity, look for avenues that are both cheap and effective. Don’t worry about the cost too much either. Remember that the medical bills will seem humongous when compared to the paltry sum that you pay to be prophylactic.


Other Bug-zapping Strategies

There are lots of alternative means to control insects, particularly mosquitoes. In fact, traditional electronic bug zappers may be ineffective against mosquitoes, which, as we learned in the last section, are not necessarily attracted to the ultraviolet light. Some electronic bug zappers compensate for this by emitting Octenol, a non-toxic, pesticide-free pheromone mosquito attractant.

Mosquitoes are attracted to the carbon dioxide emitted by humans in our breath and sweat, so several types of mosquito zappers try to take advantage of this. One such product emits a steady stream of carbon dioxide, Octenol attractant and moisture. Mosquitoes are attracted to this mixture, get sucked into a net, dehydrate and die. The device is powered by a propane tank, so no electricity is required. One manufacturer claims that entire mosquito populations collapse in six to eight weeks as egg-laying females are destroyed.

Another device uses a chemical that the manufacturer claims blocks the mosquito’s olfactory receptors. The makers of this product say that blocking the insect’s ability to “smell” carbon dioxide reduces the number of mosquito landings and bites.

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