Choosing the Best Mosquito Killer
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Before you can decide on the best mosquito killer you need to understand what your options are for mosquito control. We cover what we feel are the best mosquito killers, such as the impressive QM mosquito killing machine and the other classic mosquito killer. Beyond our recommended products, we spend a lot of time talking about mosquitoes and pack this article with facts, tips and advice in the hope that you will be inspired to take action and be proactive so you practice effective mosquito control to protect yourself, your family and friends during those backyard BBQ in the heat of summer.
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With the Zika virus rapidly spreading into the USA, it’s essential that you know what your options are so you can invest your time and money wisely rather than wasting it on mosquito control measures that simply don’t work. Technology has come a long way in the fight against mosquitoes.

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How Does a Mosquito Trap Work?

The product recommend for killing mosquitoes is the QM mosquito killer. Below you’ll find the company website that will help you understand how the product works and why the QM mosquito killer is so effective at luring and killing mosquitoes. To put it simply, the mosquito killer releases the chemical (CO2) humans emit, thus tricking mosquitoes into believing that they’re attacking a human. When they get close, it’s too late, as they get sucked into the net via a built-in vacuum. It’s one of the most effective and one of the best mosquito killers on the market.

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If you recall, mosquitoes are attracted to the Carbon dioxide we breathe out. They are also attracted to the heat our bodies emit. The Patriot uses this simple piece of information to capture the mosquitoes. The trap emits Carbon dioxide, moisture and heat. In the eyes of a mosquito, this combination resembles a mammal. They get attracted towards the trap. The device has a vacuum that sucks the mosquitoes into it. They are then trapped in a rigid net. The mosquitoes die once they are trapped in the net. It has a rechargeable battery. This makes it easy to use. The battery also allows better portability. You are no longer confined to a space that has an electrical socket. The size of the net used to trap the mosquitoes is large. It covers an acre of land easily. This model comes with a smart fuel saving option. This makes it environment friendly.

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